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Birding Drives and Trails

North Dakota is smack dab in the middle of the central fly zone, making it a top destination for millions of birds and a fair number of birders, too. April marks the action-packed spring migration season, providing astounding opportunities to see birds in their natural fly way. With 63 wildlife refuges - more than in any other state - North Dakota offers unparalleled opportunities for viewing an incredible array of birds and other wildlife. The North Dakota birdwatcher's checklist contains an amazing 370 species. To learn more about birding or to find out about events and attractions across North Dakota, go to www.ndtourism.com

Carrington and Jamestown Birding Drives
Arrowwood and Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuges are featured on a series of birding drives that lead you to such interesting sites as Audubon's Alkali Lake Sanctuary, Hawk's Nest Ridge and Lake Juanita in the Missouri Coteau and Drift Plain regions. The Carrington Birding Drive goes right by Pipestem Creek's Bobolink Bed and Birding. Bobolink Bed and Birding is only 5 miles from Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge. www.birdingdrives.com; 888-921-2473

Steele Birding Drive
Steele, Kidder County
Kidder County is nationally recognized as one of the Top 10 Birding Hotspots in North America. While based in the town of Steele, you can easily explore this remarkable region and its three national wildlife refuges--Chase Lake, Slade and Long Lake. The Steele Birding Drive has the unique distinction of being the first birding drive developed in the nation. www.birdingdrives.com/steele.html; 888-921-2473

Bismarck-Mandan Birding Drive
Three impressive birding routes radiate from the Bismarck-Mandan area, leading you to the best birding sites in the Missouri River Valley. Follow roads that lead through the wooded river bottoms and outlying prairies of sites like Cross Ranch State Park and Nature Preserve, as well as buttes and wetlands such as those found at Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge. www.bismarckmandancvb.com/birding; 800-767-3555

Lake Region Birding Trail
Devils Lake
This trail crosses five counties and features 11 sites within national wildlife refuges, state and county parks and waterfowl production areas. The trail meanders through grasslands, woodlands, and wetlands and around prairie lakes. Sully's Hill National Game Preserve, home to 270 bird species, has a visitor center and learning center with a birding garden. Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge is often called the everglades of the prairies and hosts a myriad of water birds. www.devilslakend.com/tourism/birdwatching.html; 800-233-8048

Central Dakota Birding Drive, Drake and Anamoose
More than 300 species can be seen along the three routes following the Souris and Sheyenne rivers to such interesting birding sites as Lone Tree Wildlife Area, a series of beautiful lakes, and Wintering River National Wildlife Refuge. The remote western segment of Lone Tree is a rarely visited wildlife haven, and Sheyenne Lake National Wildlife Refuge offers prime wetland birding. 701-465-3825

Birding on the Lewis & Clark Trail, Williston
Williston is the place to be for those passionate about birding. This trail features 11 birding hot spots in the Williston area. www.willistonndtourism.com; 800-615-9041

Minot Birding
Five exceptional national wildlife refuges are within miles of Minot, including Audubon, J. Clark Salyer, Lostwood, Upper Souris and Des Lacs refuges. As the host of two national conventions of the American Birding Association, Minot is a favorite center for your birding trips to outlying refuges.
www.visitminot.org; 800-264-2626

Birding Kulm
Day-to-day sightings and photos are recorded for this impressive birding area adjacent to the eastern ridge of the Missouri Coteau. These records include the kind of birds you can expect to find during migrations, the nesting season and winter birding trips in the Kulm area. 701-647-2451

International Peace Garden, Dunseith
More than 100 species of songbirds have been identified in the Turtle Mountains, home of the International Peace Garden. Lakes, streams and fields provide a beautiful aspen forest habitat.
www.peacegarden.com; 888-432-6733

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